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Which house holds are going to get their stimulus checks first?

Depending on the area you live in you might be waiting longer to get your stimulus check. The Senate is on Recess and they must talk to the house of congress to officially pass the trillion dollar bill. If your community is more ethnically diversified you could see a check arive well before other communities lower end communities in you local rural area like the suburbs. Republicans plan to release a much smaller relief bill, worth $500 billion, after the Senate returns from recess on Sept. 8. It isn't expected to pass the House of Representatives. A later bill is expected to include a check. However a stimulus check could come, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin has said that the IRS could begin issuing direct payments within a week of checks getting a green light. When might you actually get your money? We've mapped out a potential payment schedule and who could get priority, below. You can also use our stimulus check calculator for an idea of how much you could get paid. We update this story regularly. Be apart of our community @

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